Last week the GigsGuide blog hosted the world premiere for what we are sure is going to be the defining concept of the '20s: #Busic travel.

mikhailTo follow up on Francesco's top live music picks for this year, this week we have asked our Head of Product, Mikhail, to share with us which live music events is he looking forward to the most in 2020.

So. 2020. What a pretty, round number! Even just a few months ago talking about the "year 2020" felt very much like the definition of "the future". So amazing and so remote I never thought I'd live to see it. A bit like when I was a teenager waiting for the year 2000 and trying to imagine what the next decade would bring me.

And now here it is, the year 2020. I certainly didn't expect I'd have such a cool life. Traveling? Traveling to great concerts? Traveling for tasty food all over the world? Try telling that to my "15 year old self", he'd look at you like you were a martian.

Even just 5 years ago I would not believe that I would be able to do all that AND have a beautiful wife and a little daughter. The "Future" can be quite pleasant, sometimes.

Last year was quite demanding, so I really hope to have a good time during this one. Working with GigsGuide has taught me that you don't have to wait for your favorite band to come to you to see them live. And guess what - I agree.

And so, without further ado, here are the bands that I am excited to see in 2020!


2019's biggest discovery for me. J-metal? With that kind of vocal? Oh, yeah. The year Fukushima happened, I flew to Tokyo and ended up at some underground club hanging out with the howling local death metal bands. The audience was good, the performers jumped from the stage to dance with us, the ground was rumbling from the earthquakes and drums... Good times. And they taught me that the Japanese really know how to rock. Babymetal being a top act with the budget to put up some pretty spectacular shows should provide all that drive and more. I'll have to grab some bandages and buy extended insurance in advance.

Ningen Isu

While I was writing about Babymetal, I remembered the second great discovery of last year. These guys are incredibly good and... they're coming to Germany! Just a quick 4 hours flight from Moscow to Berlin instead of 12 to Japan. Major difference. And the band is really good: the videos are really cool and their sound is amazing. I'm not sure about the mosh-pit potential of this gig, but it's definitely gonna be a fun concert.


Since I have already pulled into this post my 15 year old self, here is another "blast from the past" from that time. In those days, Korn were one of the top 10 bands I would have sold a kidney to see live. Since then, I have managed to see many of those bands (and without having to give up any body parts), with one notable exception: Korn. Luckily, thanks to "Busic", 2020 might just be the right time to do it.

Yet I'm a little scared, to be honest. I am not the young flexible lad of when I was 15, and lately I've been having a harder time in the thick of the mosh-pit. This is a gig I expect to be crazy, so I hope I don't break anything. But after all, what' s a gig without risk? :D


Because why not. My relationship with speed metal has always been a bit like teenagers now say - "I would love to love it, but..."

Hammerfall, Rhapsody, I have really tried my best to love it, but something's was always wrong. But recently I realized that maybe that is because I always listened to them alone. Then I got to see Russian band power metal band Catharsis live and I loved them. So, who knows, maybe 2020 is the year I finally fall in love with speed metal (and maybe even curling :D ).

To be fair, this list is really just the tip of the iceberg. This year will definitely be a busy one for GigsGuide, and I am really a big fan of the #Busic concept... And Francesco can't possibly do all the business travel, right? :slightly_smiling_face: