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Upcoming events around Wichita

Tab Benoit
Fri,1 Jul 2022

Tab Benoit

  • blues
Aaron Lewis
Sat,16 Jul 2022

Aaron Lewis

  • country
Thu,21 Jul 2022


  • hip hop
Pop Evil
Sun,14 Aug 2022

Pop Evil

  • metal
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Upcoming Livestreams

Live Grooves With Freekbass
Mon,27 Jun 2022

Live Grooves With Freekbass


  • rnb/soul
Td Ottawa Jazz Festival  2022
Mon,27 Jun 2022

Td Ottawa Jazz Festival 2022

Dirty Dozen

    Trance Invasion
    Mon,27 Jun 2022

    Trance Invasion

    Avian Invasion

      Mon,27 Jun 2022


      Just Joe

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        GigsGuide: discover the music you love, wherever you are.

        Live music and travel are among the best things in life. GigsGuide was born with a simple goal: give serendipity a gentle push, and help music lovers get closer to the  local music scene and find great concerts to attend wherever they go.

        But as the Corona pandemic brought the world to a standstill , what good is a site helping you discover live music when you travel  if you can't go anywhere and all the gigs are cancelled?

        We are not the kind of people that give up easily, though . And if we can't help you go to the music, we'll help the music come to you! GigsGuide has grown into one of the most complete directories of  "online" live music events:  we might be stuck at home, but we can still enjoy the joy of live music and "go" to  amazing (livestreamed) gigs all over the world.

        And as live events now slowly come back to our stages , GigsGuide is still the best place to find great gigs to attend in person or  from the comfort of your couch.

        We can't wait for the time we can all get back out on the road and  down in a mosh-pit again. Until then, enjoy the site, join us , follow your favourite artists to get notified when they go live, discover new ones to love , tell all your friends about us.

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        Other Ways To Travel For Music: Amazing Music Careers You Might Not Have Considered
        21 Dec 2021

        Other Ways To Travel For Music: Amazing Music Careers You Might Not Have Considered

        GigsGuide is all about travelling for live music... But being in the audience is not the only way to do it. Guitar Tech turned writer Jenn shares some of her best tips!

        A Brand New GigsGuide
        1 Aug 2021

        A Brand New GigsGuide

        Have you seen the new GigsGuide website? It's prettier, faster and has everything you need to get back on the road and discover new amazing live music.

        Nevermind Live Music, here comes Stripadvisor!
        1 Apr 2021

        Nevermind Live Music, here comes Stripadvisor!

        Live music and culture are for losers, so we are pivoting to something more lucrative. Join our NFT Auction today!

        The Sun goes on strike!
        3 Mar 2021

        The Sun goes on strike!

        What expects us at the end of the pandemic tunnel? Will the music and the culture we take for granted still be there? The time to act is now, before it's too late.

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