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GigsGuide - the ultimate travel planning tool for music lovers!

Your next musical adventure starts here!

Live music and travel are among the best things in life. GigsGuide was born with a simple goal: give serendipity a gentle push, helping music lovers get closer to the local music scene of their travel destinations and see old favourites in a new location or simply discover new artists to love wherever they go.

Your Passport to the World of Live Music

Dive into GigsGuide's broad collection of thousands of upcoming live music events globally. From metal to jazz or hip-hop, your next musical adventure starts right here!

Never Miss a Beat, Wherever You Go

Say goodbye to endless googling. With a single search on GigsGuide you get the most convenient flights, the coolest accommodation options and all the info you need about the live gigs at your destination, all in one place.

The Perfect Companion for Every Event

Who? Where? When? From the artists' profiles with genre classifications, links to Spotify, Youtube and other social media accounts to the direct ticketing links and directions to the venue. GigsGuide makes sure you're well-informed and ready to rock.

Tailored Musical Matches

and connect your Spotify or simply follow your favourite artists. GigsGuide's clever compatibility scoring helps you navigate the musical offering of your destination to find the gigs you will love, turning every trip into a fresh musical discovery.

Live Music for You When You Need it

Get our innovative Chrome extension, and never miss another great gig while travelling. Every time you look for trips on, we cue in the live music events nearby – a harmony of travel and tunes like never before.

Beyond Just Events - An Experience

GigsGuide isn't just about finding events; it's about crafting unforgettable moments where travel and music collide. It's for the curious, the adventurous, and the music lover in you, making every journey an exciting quest for musical treasures.

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