Travellers, not tourists

Modern travellers long for unique, authentic experiences. They love travel brands that don't treat them like "tourists", but know how to be personal and engaging.

Traditional travel content marketing can be a very effective tool to make people dream about a destination. However, it doesn't generate any urgency to book that trip right now.

Guided Tours and Activities are a great upsell once a trip is booked, but hardly anyone books a trip to Florence just to go on a Vespa tour.

The best experiences in life
are live

Whether it's a concert or a football game, a theatre play or an art exhibition, live events appeal to people's passions and are among the best experiences in life.

But live events can also be an extremely powerful content marketing tool for smart travel brands.

Imagine the reaction of your opera-loving guests considering a visit to Milan when you show them information about the upcoming performances at La Scala. Or that of the football fan looking at trips to Madrid you just helped find out when Real Madrid will be playing.

Helping your guests find experiences worth travelling for is the best strategy to generate stronger brand loyalty and more sales.

Great content + urgency =
better results!

GIGS GUIDE makes it easy to integrate live event recommendations in every step of your sales funnel, providing great inspiration for your guests and adding urgency to the booking process.

  • Extensive coverage

    Curated, always up-to-date information on close to a million live events around Europe and North America
  • Something for everyone

    Live music, sports, opera, theatre and more... Everyone can find something fun to do on their next trip with
  • Personalized recommendations

    Help each guest find the events that best match his/her taste.
  • All the fun,
    zero complexity

    No need to maintain your own event database, just integrate via API or widgets, sit back and relax.

Try our Demo app

Curious to see how our system works?

We built a web-app that integrates our service and allows individual travellers to create a profile, add their upcoming trips and get great personalized recommendations for the events that best match their taste taking place at their destinations during their trips.

Head over to My Gigs Guide and sign up for an account to see it in action.