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A selection of what has been said about GigsGuide in the press.

28 March 2021
startupinfo logo

Dreaming of Live Music and Travel with GigsGuide

Startup.info (FR)

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to event discovery is that the overall quality of data on live events is very poor and inconsistent, so the process of finding interesting things to do is still very manual and time-consuming.

At the core of GigsGuide, we have built a sophisticated engine that collects event information from various primary sources, mainly ticketing companies and venues. We then enhance it with details like genres, performers profiles, ticket availability and price, geolocation of the venue, and make it available in a consistent format regardless of the country or the ticketing provider.

20 May 2020
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Stream out loud: how the music industry is adapting to 'the new normal'

Musicradar (UK)

The promotional machine has responded with dedicated listings for virtual shows. Leading web site GigsGuide now devotes a significant part if its diaries to this new market, while The Guardian newspaper is typical in publishing a 'Livestreaming Schedule' of a huge range of arts events

7 April 2020
teosto logo

Miten livestriimauksesta tuli uusi normaali ja miten se vaikuttaa musiikkialaan pandemian jälkeen

Teosto (FI)

Kansainvälisistä tapahtumasivustoista mm. Bandsintown ja Gigsguide alkoivat nopeasti koronan puhjettua keräämän tietoa livestriimatuista keikoista ympäri maailmaa.

25 March 2020
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Här är spelningar och utställningar du kan ta del av online

SVT Nyheter (Sweden)

Den nystartade tjänsten Gigsguide listar virtuella konserter. Artisterna kan själva lägga upp sina spelningar och hittills har sajten listat över 440 konserter från hela världen.

22 March 2020
Oresund Startups News logo

GigsGuide releases virtual tours - Operation Paradise City

Öresund Startups News (Sweden)

At this time with Corona rampaging the world, a lot of concerts are being canceled. GigsGuide, a startup within the travel and music industry, has launched a unique product to focus on this: virtual tours with artists. They call this "Operation Paradise City".

"Just because we can't travel to see great gigs right now, it doesn't mean great music can't come to us!" says Francesco Cetraro, founder GigsGuide.

21 March 2020
Le Devoir logo

Le spectacle à l'heure du confinement

Le Devoir (Canada)

Quelques agrégateurs de spectacles sur le Web (sofa-king-fest.com, gigs.guide) sont apparus sur la Toile ces derniers jours pour aiguiller les mélomanes confinés vers leur nouvel artiste préféré.

21 March 2020
The Guardian logo

Europe's companies retool production to fight coronavirus fallout

The Guardian (UK)

The end of large gatherings spells disaster for the music industry but "virtual concerts" are providing an alternative outlet for artists. The listings website GigsGuide is providing a diary of online gigs by artists around the world.

21 March 2020
Goodbye.be logo

Reizen Vanuit Je Zetel: Laat Je Meevoeren Door Muziek

Goodbye.be (Belgium)

Ook heel wat andere muzikanten gaan door op hetzelfde elan en zenden live hun concerten online uit, waardoor je jouw favoriete artiest toch nog kan bewonderen. Via Instagram, Facebook en andere social media zijn er al heel wat online events aangekondigd, en ook GigsGuide biedt een duidelijk overzicht van de komende muziekevents. Enjoy!

20 March 2020
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"This Is Not The Time To Go Silent" Music Business Rises To Challenge Of Coronavirus

Forbes.com (International)

Francesco Cetraro, the CEO and founder of the innovative music listings and travel website GigsGuide, shared his frustration with the short-sighted approach of many governments to the cultural economy. "When the economy fails, we bail out banks because-whether we like it or not-they play a fundamental role in our society and economies. It is time we realize that the same is true for culture. Supporting the live music and cultural sectors in these hard times is not just the 'noble' thing to do. It is, above all, a financially sound investment."

19 March 2020
Fair Unterwegs logo

Fair unterwegs in Zeiten des Coronavirus: So holen Sie sich die Welt in Ihr Wohnzimmer

Fair Unterwegs (Switzerland)

Nur weil Sie in nächster Zeit nicht an Konzerte gehen werden, heisst das noch lange nicht, dass Sie nicht gute Live-Musik geniessen können. Musikerinnen und Künstler aus der ganzen Welt verschieben derzeit Ihre Auftritte von der Bühne in die sozialen Medien. Auf gigs.guide finden Sie eine Auswahl an vielversprechenden Online-Konzerten. (Und ganz nebenbei: Kunstschaffende sind im Moment überdurchschnittlich stark von Lohnausfällen wegen Corona betroffen. Grosszügige Gesten sind hier also besonders gefragt.)

18 March 2020
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Missing live gigs? Head for Paradise City!

List.co.uk (UK)

And so began the journey of GigsGuide. But like many things in recent life, the live gig industry has effectively gone into hibernation during the COVID-19 outbreak, something many in the industry are struggling to come to terms with.

Not so, Francesco and team. One Saturday night the team realised, if they can't get to music, why not bring the music home?

And so "Operation Paradise City" was born - and although the song states that the grass is green and the girls are pretty there, it's an invention of the GigsGuide team so you can imagine any environment you want!

18 March 2020
99.9 The Bay logo

Virtual Gigs

99.9 The Bay (Canada)

[...]Well, I just found a link to a site called Gigs Guide that is doing it's best to keep track of these things for us! At this point, there isn't a lot of artists listed, but as things continue, I suspect we'll see more.

If you are jonesing for some live music and want to have your own living room concert, head here!

17 March 2020
BBC logo

Pop stars live-stream concerts from home to combat isolation

BBC.co.uk (UK)

[...]Elsewhere, campaigns have been mounted to support smaller-scale artists by buying music and merchandise, or even funding them directly on sites like Patreon and Venmo.

And the Gigs Guide website has started a separate listings page for "virtual shows" to help promote artists who might be struggling.

11 February 2020
Kulturmonitor.dk logo

Ny tjeneste vil arrangere din næste rejse mod musikalske oplevelser: "Vi ynder at referere til det som et kærlighedsbarn af Spotify og Skyscanner"

Kulturmonitor.dk (Denmark)

[...]Elsewhere, campaigns have been mounted to support smaller-scale artists by buying music and merchandise, or even funding them directly on sites like Patreon and Venmo.

"Giv livemusikken en chance"

Sådan lyder introduktionen til en ny international internettjeneste, der lover at arrangere din næste rejse mod musikalske oplevelser. Tjenesten hedder GigsGuide og er skabt til kulturforbrugeren, der gerne rejser efter en god koncertoplevelse.

Idéen er et resultat af passionerede mennesker, der selv har manglet en tjeneste som GigsGuide. Og opskriften, ja, den er simpel nok.

16 December 2019
Rockol.it  logo

Music Biz, l'industria musicale spiegata facile: tendenze per il 2020, il turismo musicale

Rockol.it (Italy)

Una vacanza, per un appassionato di musica, rappresenta sempre un'ottima opportunità per coltivare ulteriormente la propria passione. Chi non sfrutterebbe un viaggio negli States per assistere a un concerto di un artista che dall'Europa, proprio, non vuole saperne di passare? O quanti, di passaggio in una grande capitale europea, non sfrutterebbe la chance di assistere a una prestigiosa residency in una venue importante?

30 November 2019
A Journal of Musical Things logo

What's hot for 2020? Concert tourism. This site will help.

A Journal of Musical Things (Canada)

When it comes to concert tours, we have a choice: Wait for the act to come to your city (if that's even an option) or travel to where you can see the gig. That's not always practical (the expense, getting the time off), but when things line up, it can be a very rich experience.

My wife, for example, let it be known that she wanted to see U2 if they ever played Singapore. That time is now and by the time you read this, we'll have seen one of two shows at National Stadium. The other night, I ran into a big group of fans who had flown in from Australia and New Zealand. And I've been told that there's a bunch of people coming in from Dhaka, Bangladesh...

29 November 2019
Musically logo

GigsGuide aims to be "the love child of Spotify and Skyscanner"

Musically (UK)

Swedish startup GigsGuide has a nice one-line pitch, describing itself as "the love child of Spotify and Skyscanner". Skyscanner being one of the most popular airline price-comparison websites.

The idea behind GigsGuide is that people will use it to search for shows in cities or countries where they are on holiday or travelling for work. It also wraps in flight and accommodation options. You begin by entering your departure city and travel dates – you can also choose to leave the destination city blank and see what is delivers back – and then add in your favourite genres (or connect to your Spotify account) and see what it returns...

11 November 2019
Oresund Startups News logo

New version of GigsGuide

Oresund Startups News (Sweden)

GigsGuide is a digital service for people, who love to travel and who love music. The website provides users with tools for planning their trips, as well as local concerts or music-related events.

The startup's aim is to merge music and tourism by letting people find cultural events in any location, discover new artists and support local venues

9 October 2019
Laut.de logo

Schadet die Antifa dem Black Metal?

Laut.de (Germany)

Wir kennen es alle: Die Lieblingsband kommt auf Tour, steuert aber nur Orte an, die außerhalb der komfortablen Erreichbarkeit liegen. GigsGuide hilft fortan dabei, musikalische Urlaube zu organisieren. In Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Veranstaltern hat das schwedische Startup seit seinem Launch im Sommer bereits ein ansehnliches Club-, Event- und Hotel-Netzwerk für Europa, Nordamerika, Australien und Neuseeland zusammengetragen und bildet so quasi ein Online-Reisebüro speziell für weltenbummelnde Musikliebhaber...

26 January 2019
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5 Trends Happening in Business Travel, and the Startups Maximizing them

VoyagerHQ (US)

Business travel is a significant portion of an industry that's not exactly insignificant: the global travel business makes up 1/10th of the entire global GDP. Three of the five top-earning travel companies in the world are managers of corporate travel; global business travel spending reached $1.33 trillion in 2017...