GigsGuide: a startup on a mission

GigsGuide is a work of love (trust us, if we wanted to get rich quickly we would have gone into fintech ;)).

In spite of all the ups and downs, these are the values that keep us going:

  1. 1. Live music is one of the best things in life.

    Great music makes our lives better. It brings us together and has the power to inspire and change the world. Our goal is to share our love for music and help more people have more life-changing experiences through the music they love wherever they go.

  2. 2. We generate more revenue FOR the artists, not on the artists.

    The promotion of live events is typically targeted at locals, so it often ends up missing tourists and  other out-of-town visitors. GigsGuide is specifically built to help this"neglected"audience  find great live events to attend at the destinations of their travel. We bring more people to gigs, which means more revenue from ticket sales and new opportunities for artists to gain new fans. And because we make our money from selling travel, we never charge artists or venues for advertising their events on GigsGuide.

  3. 3. We believe in a more respectful way to travel that brings real value to our local communities.

    Many travellers long to experience their destinations "like locals".  Well, one of the things that locals do, is going to gigs. GigsGuide helps travellers burst out of the tourist bubble, giving them an opportunity to come closer to the local music scene and experience it just like the locals do. Get out of the usual tourist areas, meet new people  and share a unique musical experience with them.  Spend their money directly into supporting local venues,  local artists and local jobs, so that the entire community can benefit from the revenue that tourism brings to town

You can read more about our vision for putting "live" in "music tourism" in these 3 posts on our blog:
gigsguide - startup on a mission

With a little help from our friends...

We are a tiny team trying to make it on its own in a big, crazy world. We ain't got no money,  but we make up for it with an inextinguishable love for music and travel,  a big dream and a pinch of reckless"punk rock"attitude.

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