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Do all the live events you arrange sell out?

Then you don't need to read any further (and congratulations!).

If instead you are looking for new ways to get more people through the door, then read on... We would love to help.

Every day, many great live events take place around the world. Yet, the large majority of them don't sell out, and every empty seat is a missed opportunity.

Most of the promotion for events today is targeted specifically at locals.Whether it's a newsletter or a social media post from a popular venue or an ad in a newspaper, these efforts hardly ever reach the large number of people that might be in town temporarily for business or for pleasure.

Listing your events on GigsGuide is the easiest way to ensure that the information also reaches the out-of-town visitors that are most likely to enjoy them. The best part is that it is completely free: all we need from you is access to some basic information about who is playing, where and when.

With GigsGuide, everybody wins:

  • Fans discover more of the music they love, wherever they are.
  • Venues and promoters have a new free marketing channel that helps them sell a few more tickets with no extra effort.
  • Artists get in front of a new audience and gain new fans to help them spread their music all over the world.

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You can read more about our vision for putting "live" in "music tourism" on this page and in these 3 posts on our blog:

Are you livestreaming your concerts?

GigsGuide is now also listing livestreaming concerts. You can use this form to submit your next gigs so we can include it in our directory. Online gigs submitted to GigsGuide are also visible on The List, one of the UK's largest event listing sites.