GigsGuide: your partner for live events marketing

Behind the GigsGuide's website, there is a sophisticated system that turns live event information into actionable data.

GigsGuide takes away all the complexity in collecting, verifying, managing and displaying information about live events, so you can focus on creating more value for your users and your business.

A better calendar for your events

Whether you run a venue or a festival, compiling and maintaining event calendars is a massive pain.

GigsGuide takes away all that complexity so you can deliver the best user experience to your audience, so they can spend less time searching through the calendar and more time enjoying the music.

Check out how GigsGuide has enhanced the Pickathon's Concertaday events.

Our solution provides easy access to relevant information about the performers, helping the visitor find the best events to follow.

Among other things, GigsGuide enables you to:

  • Display the correct start time information in the user's timezone.
  • Let users save the event to their own calendars.
  • Mix virtual livestreaming events with in-person events in one simple interface.
  • Keep it simple with a dedicated page on our site, or go all-in with our fully customizable white-label solution. Both are fully optimized for SEO.
  • Raise awareness for a cause you are supporting and collect donations.
gigsguide custom schedule for pickathon

Show GigsGuide live music event listings on your site

Providing accurate event information on your site can be a great way to attract and engage your audience and keep them coming back.

Our event database includes hundreds of thousands of live events from all over the world, collected from primary sources and enhanced with relevant information about performers and locations.

An example of a successful partnership in this context is our cooperation with The List, one of the UK's largest event listing sites.

GigsGuide helps The List collect and organize accurate information about livestreamed gigs, making it easier for UK music fans to discover great live music to stream from all over the world.

If you are looking for an easy way to make your website more engaging with live music events listings, get in touch to discuss the best way for us to work together!