If you have visited GigsGuide in the last couple of weeks, you might have notices a few changes.

The layout of many pages has changed a bit (hopefully, for the better :)), and the loading time has gone down significantly. We have also added the possibility to register/login with Google and Facebook (you can still use Spotify or email, like in the old version).

What you are seeing, is the result of many months of hard work where we have basically rebuilt the whole website* pretty much from scratch.

2 weeks ago, we quietly "flipped the switch"... and then I went on holiday :D. It all seems to work quite well, though, so we thought this might be a good time to officially tell the world about it.

There are a few functions that used to be in the old site (like flight/train search) that have not been migrated yet. We'll add them back soon, together with a number of other cool features we have been working on. So go check the new site out, let us know what you think and make sure to tell all your friends about it!

After the last extremely challenging 18 months (for us just like everybody else, and for artists and culture workers in particular), we are not in the mood for celebration. We are, however, proud of this milestone we have managed to reach in spite of all the adversities.

All we wish for now is to finally be able to go back to helping music lovers get out on the road and start discovering again all the wonderful live music that has been quiet for way too long now.

No matter how cold the winter,
there's a springtime ahead.

Pearl Jam - Thumbing My Way


* For the geeks among you, we moved the website engine from "pure" React to NextJS, using Tailwind CSS to make it look nice. We have also moved the website's backend from MongoDB to PostgreSQL and we are now using Hasura to fetch data and do a lot of cool funky stuff with GraphQL.


Photo by Robin Mathlener on Unsplash