We just sent out the update below to all registered users on GigsGuide with an overview of all the cool new features we are adding to the service. GigsGuide users have definitely more fun... Get a free account today and have more fun too!!


I was going to start this newsletter with the usual "hope you are  well", but in these times of virus panic it felt even more cliché than  usual. I do genuinely hope you are all well though (we don't have that  many users yet, so I can't really afford to loose any of you, ok?).

I also realize that sending an update about a "travel" service now might  feel a bit out of touch with reality but hey, we'll eventually get out  of the bunker and repopulate the planet, right? And we do have a ton of  news for you... so let's get right into it ;)

1. See who's playing in your city!

A couple of weeks ago, we pushed an important update to GigsGuide, adding dedicated city pages to make access to upcoming gigs quick and easy whether you are at home or travelling.  

The city pages have also an important role in our strategy to use  live music to promote a more responsible tourism. The idea with  GigsGuide is not only to help you enjoy your trips more, but also to  give you an excellent opportunity to actively support the local music  scene of your destinations (and of your own city, obviously).  

If you are curious about what we are doing in this area, check out this post on our blog.

2. It's easier to search for artists

The Artist Directory has received a small update now, in the form of a funky search bar that  makes it easy for you to look up your favourite artists and see all their upcoming gigs.

search touring artists on GigsGuide

We have received a lot of suggestions and feedback on how to  improve our search experience, and put it all in practice in our new  search box.   Among other things, you no longer need to specify an origin (unless  you want to search for flights too, obviously). We have also added a  dedicated flow for the inspirational search… So make sure you click on  the “Go on an adventure!” tab to get suggestions on great trips to see  an artist you love and discover a new destination.

new search box on GigsGuide

4. Your personalized newsletter is coming

In a couple of days, we will deploy another update to our system  that will deliver to every user (i.e. you :)) a list of suggestions for  concerts we think you will like (based on your profile's preferences), taking place in your home-town in the next 4 weeks.

The idea is to have this as a monthly update, but we'd love to hear  from you feedback on its content and on your preferences in terms of  frequency and time-span. The first newsletter is coming later this week,  so check out your profile on GigsGuide and make sure you have set your  hometown and your musical preferences in there so we can deliver.

In the next iteration, we plan to add also suggestions for trips  you can take to see a band or an artist you like. We have a couple of  funky ideas around this and we are really enjoying playing with the  Skyscanner API, so stay tuned for more.

Talking about Skyscanner, it is now fully integrated in our service and  gives you the same results as the original service, together with the  GigsGuide music suggestions.

Using the flight search on GigsGuide to book your flights does not cost you anything, but helps us pay for the service. Our commitment is to earn our living from selling travel, not from charging venues and  artists for “promotion”. This way, we can put our users' interest first  and help you find the events you love, rather than pushing those that  give us the highest commission.

If you like what we do and share our vision, then the best thing  you can do to help is to book your travel through GigsGuide (and to tell  all your friends to do the same!).

Thanks for taking the time to read our update. As usual, if you have any  questions/comments/suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch!  


Francesco and Mikhail
The GigsGuide Marching Band

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