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Long hidden in the shadows of New York City and, to a lesser extent, Washington D.C., Philadelphia is one of America's most overlooked cities. It's in southeastern Pennsylvania, in the mid-Atlantic region, and is the sixth most-populous city in the United States. Often referred to as "Philly," the city is coterminous with Philadelphia County. Philadelphia sits adjacent to New Jersey and the Delaware River, and only 15 miles from Delaware, and as such, its metropolitan area encompasses counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and even Maryland. Despite being the cradle of the nation and remaining one of the largest cities in the USA, Philadelphia was - and arguably still is - ridiculed as a place where you only pass by to see the Liberty Bell, eat a Cheesesteak, and go on to your next destination. A history peppered with misfortunes such as being overshadowed by other East Coast cities, being home to some of the most unfortunate sport franchises in the country, and news about crime and decay left the city with limited tourist appeal. Thankfully, Philadelphia has taken great strides in shedding these stereotypes and is now seen as an up-and-coming major US destination filled with history, an impressive culinary scene, a buoyant arts scene, and countless hidden treasures.

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