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Jersey City is New Jersey's second-largest city. Jersey City sits in the northeastern section of the state across the Hudson from its older and bigger cousin, New York City and south of Hoboken. It is frequently referred to as New York’s “sixth borough”. Until the early 1600s, the area was inhabited by Lenape Indians. The Dutch then settled here as a part of the colony of New Amsterdam, it evolved into an industrial powerhouse, with railroads winding up and down the city (some of these lines are still used today). Although Jersey City lost its powerhouse status and became troubled with decline in the 1960s, the decline would begin to be reversed in the 1980s, and the city would be transformed into what it is today. Most tourists may only come in for cheap accommodation and its proximity to New York City, but Jersey City has plenty of things to offer up for the average visitor, including miles of recreational space with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, diverse neighborhoods, and dining options that rival those found across the river.

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