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Mr. Speed
Sat,3 Dec 2022

Mr. Speed

    Stephen Pearcy
    Fri,16 Dec 2022

    Stephen Pearcy

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      McHenry is a city in McHenry County, Illinois, United States. It is an outer suburb, part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The 2010 U.S. census reported its population at 26,992 and rests at an elevation of 797 feet. McHenry was at one time the county seat of McHenry County, which once included adjoining Lake County to the east. McHenry took its name from McHenry County, which was named for Major William McHenry, a prominent officer in the Black Hawk War.McHenry is surrounded by natural lakes and streams, grassy moraine hills, gravel banks and shallow nutrient-rich peat bogs, remnants of receding glaciers from the last ice age. Moraine Hills State Park and Volo Bog State Natural Area preserve some of these natural features.

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