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Fröken Elvis & Giganterna
Fri,6 Oct 2023

Fröken Elvis & Giganterna

Fröken Elvis

    Livemusik- Mat & Prat
    Sat,14 Oct 2023

    Livemusik- Mat & Prat

    Inger Nordström, Jan Falk

      Från Orsa Till Nashville
      Sat,28 Oct 2023

      Från Orsa Till Nashville

      Kalle Moraeus, Doug Seegers, Linda Varg

      • pop
      • folk/world
      • country
      Livemusik- Mat & Prat
      Sat,11 Nov 2023

      Livemusik- Mat & Prat

      Jan Falk

        Livemusik- Mat & Prat
        Sat,2 Dec 2023

        Livemusik- Mat & Prat

        Jan Falk

          Discover Uddevalla

          Image taken at the heart of Uddevalla, with the tourist information house at left, and Bohusläns museum at right. Uddevalla is a city of 31,200 people (with a total of 52,800 in Uddevalla Municipality) in Bohuslän, on the west coast of Sweden. Uddevalla is a nice little town, with a river cutting through the city center. The town burnt down more than a few times in the 18th and 19th century, there are but a few old wooden buildings left. Most older buildings date from the beginning of the 20th century.

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