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Glanshammar is a locality situated in Örebro Municipality, Örebro County, Sweden with 727 inhabitants in 2010.Glanshammar Hundred, or Glanshammars härad, was a hundred of Närke in Sweden. Glanshammar may also refer to a mythic weapon wielded by Oden, and later by Thor. The weapon was never clearly described in Norse mythology, but is often referred to in vague, and almost reverential, terms. Oral tradition in Icelandic and Norwegian lineages indicates that the weapon may have resembled a spade or even a small, wide obelisk. It may have been used in conjunction with the more widely known Hammer of Thor, but in and of itself, it was a said to be a formidable implement, and in some ancient traditions, was considered to bestow invincibility upon its master.

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