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Rural Tapes
Fri,2 Dec 2022

Rural Tapes

    Mon,12 Dec 2022


    Christian Ingebrigtsen

      Thu,15 Dec 2022


      Wenche Myhre, Jørn Hoel, Emil Solli-Tangen

        Beharie - Intimkonsert @ Studio Spornes - Utsolgt
        Sat,4 Feb 2023

        Beharie - Intimkonsert @ Studio Spornes - Utsolgt


          Spornesfestivalen 2023 - Fredagspass
          Fri,7 Jul 2023

          Spornesfestivalen 2023 - Fredagspass

          Beady Belle, Beharie

            Spornesfestivalen 2023 - Søndagspass
            Sun,9 Jul 2023

            Spornesfestivalen 2023 - Søndagspass

            Kari Bremnes, Needlepoint, Marte Eberson

              Discover Arendal

              Arendal (Urban East Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈɑ̂ːɳɖɑːɫ] (listen)) is a city in Agder county, Norway. The city is the administrative centre of the municipality of Arendal and the seat of the County Governor of Agder. The city also includes a small area in the neighboring municipality of Grimstad as well. In Norway, Arendal is considered a by which can be translated as either a "town" or "city" in English. The 27.14-square-kilometre (6,710-acre) city has a population (2019) of 37,815 and a population density of 1,393 inhabitants per square kilometre (3,610/sq mi). The city does cross municipal boundaries due to its growth over the years. In 2019, 0.09 square kilometres (22 acres) of the city with 112 residents were located in neighboring Grimstad municipality. This area was mostly north of the Fevik area in Grimstad, south of the city centre.The offices of UNEP/GRID-Arendal are located in the town of Arendal. There are several churches in the city of Arendal including Trinity Church, Bjorbekk Church, Barbu Church, and Stokken Church.

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