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Ivw X Bbc Introducing: English Teacher
Thu,2 Feb 2023

Ivw X Bbc Introducing: English Teacher

English Teacher

    Ian Mcnabb
    Fri,12 May 2023

    Ian McNabb

      Discover Hebden Bridge

      Hebden Bridge is an old mill town in West Yorkshire. It is set in the deep cleft of a heavily wooded steep-sided valley, with a river, Hebden Water, running through it, crossed by the packhorse bridge that gives the town its name. Hebden Bridge has evolved down a wobbly little path all of its own in these parts, and is often likened to Glastonbury; although it is a lot grittier and probably much more deeply alternative and counter-cultural than its southern cousin. Socially, it is home and meeting place for a diverse population, many of them creative and new age minded people, with a high proportion of lesbians (and some gay men). Hebden Bridge is on the Pennine Way and Rochdale Canal (the latter followed here by the Hull–Manchester Sustrans Route 66[1]).

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