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Thu,29 Sep 2022


    Elder - Pallbearer - Irist
    Mon,3 Oct 2022

    Elder - Pallbearer - Irist

    Elder, Pallbearer, Irist

    • metal
    Yann Tiersen + Quinquis
    Wed,5 Oct 2022

    Yann Tiersen + Quinquis

    Yann Tiersen

      Thu,6 Oct 2022


        Julien Dore
        Sat,8 Oct 2022

        Julien Dore

        Julien Doré

          Wed,12 Oct 2022



            Wed,12 Oct 2022


              Tremplin Musical
              Wed,12 Oct 2022

              Tremplin Musical

              Diva Faune, Offenbach

              • pop
              Fri,28 Oct 2022


                IMEN ES
                Fri,4 Nov 2022

                Imen Es

                • pop
                Vitaa & Slimane
                Fri,4 Nov 2022

                Vitaa & Slimane

                Vitaa, Slimane

                  VITAA & SLIMANE - VITAA & SLIMANE
                  Fri,4 Nov 2022

                  VITAA & SLIMANE - VITAA & SLIMANE


                    Discover Grenoble

                    Grenoble is a city of around 158,000 inhabitants in 2017 (550,000 taking into account the metropolitan area) in the French Alps. The climate is quite cold in winter, with days of snow almost every year. Summers are known to be hot, as mountains surrounding the town stop any wind. Grenoble is crossed by two rivers, the Drac and the Isère ("the lion and the serpent"), and is surrounded by three mountain chains, the Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. The city is renowned for its universities on the campus, for its scientific research centres in the northeast of the city, including Minatec for nanotechnologies, CEA the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, a French National Centre for Scientific Research agency, the European Synchrotron for high-brilliance source of X-rays, the Institut Laue-Langevin for the most powerful source of neutron in the world, the EMBL the Europe's flagship laboratory for the life sciences as well as for its industrial centre in the western suburbs: Meylan, Montbonnot and Crolles including high-tech companies such as STmicroelectronics and Motorola. Therefore, it hosts a relatively large population of foreign scientists and students.

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