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Diandra - Kerran Joulukuun Aikaan
Wed,7 Dec 2022

Diandra - Kerran Joulukuun Aikaan


    Thu,23 Feb 2023


      Ilkka Vainio - Koko Kansan Laulut
      Sat,15 Apr 2023

      Ilkka Vainio - Koko Kansan Laulut

      Ilkka Vainio

        Viva Italia - The Italian Tenors
        Sun,23 Apr 2023

        Viva Italia - The Italian Tenors

        The Italian Tenors, Viva Italia

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        Discover Lappeenranta

        The City of Lappeenranta (population 70,000) is the economic and cultural center of southeast Finland near the border of Russia and at the southern edge of the Saimaa, the largest lake (system) of Finland. Its culture and dialects are strongly part of Eastern Finland, although it administratively belongs to the Province of Southern Finland. Also known as Villmanstrand (its Swedish name and previous English name), Lappeenranta has a colourful, 360-year history influenced by its location in the border dividing western and eastern cultures.

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