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Untergruppenbach is a municipality near Heilbronn, a city in the northern half of the German state Baden-Württemberg. There are a total of 7,600 inhabitants living in six villages that form the municipality of Untergruppenbach. Approximately 5,100 live in Untergruppenbach, Donnbronn and Obergruppenbach. An additional 2,500 live in Unterheinriet, Oberheinriet and Vorhof. Untergruppenbach's name roughly means "below the 'Groppe' (a sort of small fish) stream", referring to a small stream that cuts across the valley in which Untergruppenbach and Obergruppenbach are located. The village is distinguished by Burg Stettenfels, a 16th-century castle/manor that stands out above the valley, from its lofty position atop a hill.

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