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Vocality - Jazz + Trio Trio
Sun,30 Apr 2023

Vocality - Jazz + Trio Trio


    Alte Bekannte - Nix Geht Über Live!
    Sat,4 Nov 2023

    Alte Bekannte - Nix Geht Über Live!

    Alte Bekannte

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    X-Mas Special 2023: The Chain
    Wed,27 Dec 2023

    X-Mas Special 2023: The Chain

    The Chain

      Wed,1 Jan 2025


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      Discover Schmallenberg

      Schmallenberg (Westphalian: Smalmereg) is a town and a climatic health resort in the High Sauerland District, Germany. By area, it is the third biggest of all cities and towns of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the second biggest of the region of Westphalia. With small Schmallenberg central town and the rural Bad Fredeburg Kneipp health resort the town has two urban settlements. Additionally, 82 villages and hamlets belong to the town's territory. Also being called “the Schmallenberg Sauerland”, the Town of Schmallenberg is famous for its total of five health resorts and nine villages which have been awarded gold for their beauty in the nationwide “Our village has a future” contest.

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