It's been now just a month since COVID-19 basically killed travel and live music (and with it, among other things, our business).

As you know, instead of simply shutting down we decided to turn GigsGuide into the best listing site for "virtual" gigs.

Our goal was to help people stuck at home use this time in quarantine to discover new artists to love, while giving performers - particularly the less established ones that are suffering the current situation the most - access to an audience as big as the world for their shows.

In spite of being a tiny team with no money in the bank, in the last four weeks we have listed over 2000 individual live music streaming events from all over the world, in all kind of genres.

We have also kept adding features to the site to cope with the new situation, from displaying the event times in various timezones to allowing registered users to save artists they like and receive notifications when they plan to stream.

We are now making "donation" and "support" options more visible on the event pages, so that fans know how they can help their favourite artists make it through this crisis. All this always 100% for both users and artists (so if you are an artist, make sure you tell us when you plan to go live ;)).

Besides discovering a lot of amazing new music ourselves, we have also made some great new friends. People the encourage and support us and that share our passion for live music and our determination in doing our very best to make sure there will still be venues and gigs to go to when this whole mess is over.

Among these friends we are lucky to include the good folks at The List, one of the UK's largest event listing sites. In times like these, it felt pretty natural to share what we have so that together we can reach a bigger audience.

Since a few days ago, the events we collect and organize and that we display here on GigsGuide are also immediately available on The List too. Considering they reach millions of people in the UK, that should make for a lot more opportunities for Icelandic soul singers, Italian indie pop bands or Bulgarian singer-songwriters to win new fans.

And hopefully soon, we'll be able to help these fans travel to go see their new favourite artists play live, for real.

You can read the full announcement over at The List.