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Dec, '22



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Wenche Myhre

Wenche Myhre

    Wenche Synnøve Myhre (born 15 February 1947), known in some countries as Wencke Myhre, is a Norwegian singer who has had a great number of hit songs since the 1960s in the Norwegian, Danish, German an

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    Jørn Hoel

    Jørn Hoel

      Jørn Hoel (born 27 July 1957) is a Norwegian composer, guitarist and singer. Hoel was born in Tromsø. His album debut was Ubarbert from 1982, and the album Varme ut av is from 1987 earned him Spellema

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      Emil Solli-Tangen

      Emil Solli-Tangen

        Emil Solli-Tangen (born 26 February 1990) is a Norwegian opera singer. Hailing from Porsgrunn, he is a younger brother of Didrik Solli-Tangen. He studied at the Operahøgskolen in Oslo.He participated

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