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See Marisela & Alvaro Torres - Enamorados - Live In Concert

Feb, '23

Lynn, MA

United States Of America

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Lynn Auditorium

3 City Hall Sq.Get directions

Tickets from USD 65

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    Marisela Hernandez (born April 24, 1966 as Marisela Esqueda), commonly known as Marisela, is a Mexican-American singer. In 1984, she recorded her first album at the age of 18, and continued to release

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    Alvaro Torres

    Alvaro Torres

    • latin
    • pop

    Álvaro Torres (born April 9, 1954) is a Salvadoran singer and songwriter. Torres moved to Guatemala and started a solo career recording his first album, "Algo especial" (Something Special) in 1976.

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