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See Aaron Lewis Acoustic

Mar, '23

North Charleston, SC

United States Of America

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North Charleston Performing Arts Center

5001 Coliseum DriveGet directions

Tickets from USD 46.5

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Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis

    Aaron Lewis (born April 13, 1972) is an American musician who is best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and founding member of the nu metal band Staind, with whom he released seven studio a

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    Bobby Pinson

    Bobby Pinson

      Bobby Olen Pinson (born August 10, 1972) is an American country music artist. Signed to RCA Nashville in 2005, Pinson made his debut that year with his album Man Like Me. Its lead-off single, "Don't A

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      About the event

      A clear bag policy is in effect for all events at the Coliseum & Performing Arts Center. For more information on this policy, including size guidelines, please visit our website at www.northcharleston

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