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See Music Against Homelessness - Brian Kennedy,Dea Matrona & Gareth Dunlop

Sep, '22


United Kingdom

Sorry, this event has passed!

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Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy

    Brian Edward Patrick Kennedy (born 12 October 1966) is a Northern Irish singer. He scored a number of hit singles and albums in the UK and Ireland during the 1990s and 2000s. He represented Ireland in

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    Gareth Dunlop

    Gareth Dunlop

    • folk/world

    Northern Irish Singer, guitarist and songwriter

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    Mary Coughlan

    Mary Coughlan

      Mary Coughlan (born 5 May 1956) is an Irish singer, songwriter and actress.

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      Dea Matrona

      Dea Matrona

        Rock trio from Belfast who formed in 2018 Their mutual love of classic rock and bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, sparked a musical chemistry between the three that continues

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