GigsGuide for Travellers

Travel and live events are the kind of experiences that touch our souls and make life worth living.

But researching for things to do during a trip can quickly become a time-consuming and frustrating experience. GigsGuide is here to help you make each trip unique and special, providing great recommendations for the events happening "there and then" that you will love.

Whether you travel a lot for work and are looking for a way to make life on the road suck less, or you are simply looking for inspiration for your next travel destination, our tools will help you spend less time researching and more time enjoying your trips.

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GigsGuide for Travel Brands

Travellers long for unique experiences and expect a bigger effort from travel brands in terms of inspiration and a more personalized approach to guest/customer interaction.

For many people, live events are among the best experiences, often something worth travelling for: in a recent study by Arival Travel one in three U.S. travelers indicated that events were extremely important in their overall trip planning, more so than any other component of the trip, including the flight, hotel or other activities. According to UK Music, music tourism generated a spend of over GBP 4bn in the UK alone in 2016.

Travel brands have, however, historically been unable to really leverage live events to respond effectively to the demands of their customers. Tours & Activities might be a great upsell opportunity, but they do nothing to help you build a stronger relation with your customers and inspire them to travel more.

GigsGuide provides the content and the tools that smart travel brands need to turn live events into effective content marketing that helps them engage travellers, boost brand loyalty and generate more revenue.

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GigsGuide in a nutshell

Extensive coverage

Curated, always up-to-date information on over 250 thousand live events around Europe and North America

Something for everyone

Live music, sports, opera, theatre and more... Everyone can find something fun to do on their next trip with GigsGuide.

Personalized recommendations

Help each guest find the events that best match his/her taste.

All the fun, zero complexity

No need to maintain your own event database, just integrate GigsGuide via API or widgets, sit back and relax.

GigsGuide for Artists, Event Organizers and Tourist Boards

Every day, many great live events take place around the world. Yet, the large majority of them don't sell out, and every empty seats is clearly a missed opportunity.

Most of the promotion for events today is targeted specifically at locals. Whether it's a newsletter or a social media post from a popular venue or an ad in a newspaper, most of these efforts hardly ever reach the large number of people that might be in town temporarily for business or for pleasure.

Making sure your events are listed on GigsGuide is the easiest way to ensure that the information about them also reaches the out-of-town visitors that are most likely to enjoy them. Our service not only drives more tickets sales, it also helps local artists find new fans and grow their following by simply doing what they do best.

Furthermore, by providing personalized recommendations GigsGuide gives potential new visitors a great reason to visit a city where the event they are interested in is taking place, a great opportunity for them to discover a new location. For a local tourism promotion agency, working with us is a smart and cheap way to leverage their local cultural offering to micro-target prospective visitors more effectively.

Ultimately, by bringing more people to gigs, theatres and other live performances, we like to think that we also make a small indirect contribution to support the creation of more job opportunities around cultural production and related services, in line with the UN's sustainable development goal 8.9:

"By 2030, devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products".

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